Thursday, November 6, 2008

New House Leader Needed. Please Vote For Me!

My eight-year-old was so swept up with the excitement of the election that he decided a new world order was needed. At least in our house. So, he decided to have an election for new "house leader." His brother and parents are expected to write up their own platforms and give a speech. Then we are to have elections.

What I want to know is, if my eight-year-old wins the election for leader of our house, is he going to make pie for us? Or is it the other way around? Here is his platform (sic):
  • Apple pie once a weak
  • At least anoph time to do something on a video game
  • Have the rights to choose what you want to were
  • Unlinited printing
  • Not being bossed around
  • Get to stay up untell 10:00 every night
  • Family crest shall be made
  • 1 hour of outside playing
Here's an added bonus - we were fortunate enough to be serenaded by all of the kids at our election party. The video is dark, but you get the idea! They were precious.


Smiling Mom said...

Nette @ says:

Classic!! You will be saving this forever, right??

Lori King said...

Oh, yes! I'm actually going to make copies and laminate one of them to be put into his 2nd grade memory box!

Anonymous said...

After the first one on the list- he already would have got my vote. Mmmmm... apple pie!

Jo said...

"Get to stay up untell 10:00 every night."

Sounds wonderful to me...! Now, if I could only stay awake... :-)

spore mania said...

I forgot to add one more thing on there. You get to do any thing you want beside 2 things 1. going to school 2. not destroying anything.

Lori King said...

So, in case you readers haven't figured it out, "Spore Mania" is my eight-year-old son who has three of his own blogs! What have I started?!!