Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Nifty List

Well Ladies, I decided to channel my inner Lori the other day when I was writing my grocery list for the week. I noticed that over half of the items were on each week's list. I thought to myself (here's the Lori part) "maybe there's a better way to do this online!" I did a little research and found an awesome pre-printed grocery list that you can download for free. You can put it on your fridge door and check off an item as needed, I put mine on my bulletin board, you could keep a copy in your purse or car, whatever... It reminds you to bring your reusable bags (I always forget until I get to the store), bring in plastic bags to recycle, prompts for ice, coupons, movie rentals and returns etc. I love it. Here's the link

Also on this site, they encourage you to either leave your list in the cart, or send it in to them. They maintain archives of other people's grocery lists, which are pretty darn funny to a voyeur such as myself. Many years ago I went to the grocery store and bought: cat food, a bottle of wine and a People Magazine. The check out clerk looked at me and then my items and said "Just you and the cat tonight?" All personal humiliation aside, check out this site if you are a list lover.


Jo said...

That's my Friday night - a bottle of wine and the People Magazine.

I make my list on post-it notes, and then I Scotch tape the post-it note to the outside of my purse, and I walk around the store with fluorescent post-it notes on my purse. People stop me and say, "Excuse me, you have a post-it note stuck to your purse," and I say, "Yes, I know, that's my grocery list." :-)

Lori King said...

I love the grocery list! I remember when I first got a beta version of the Newton "Personal Information Manager" and I was trying to use the grocery list application. Everyone in the store thought I worked there and was doing inventory. Paper rules!