Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bend Adventure Boot Camp, Max Muscle and DANI Hit the Agate Beach Motel in Newport, Oregon

Bend Adventure Boot Camp, Max Muscle and DANI Hit the Agate Beach Motel in Newport, Oregon

Who knew that joining a workout group a year ago could be so life changing? Thirty-nine years old and feeling like it was time to take action in my life on getting fit and taking care of myself. The goal was really only to lose a few pounds so that I could look better in my clothes. I was completely scared and the two women I knew that were active in Bend Adventure Boot Camp practically had to drag me in the doors.

Fast forward a year later. . . .I have been attending on and off, but love the way that Boot camp makes me feel during the day. I have more energy, I am stronger (ok, a little more sore), but overall better.

October 1, I embarked on a trip to the Agate Beach Motel on the Oregon coast with ten women, two trainers, a nutritionist and a massage therapist. The weather was great, the view amazing and I was in disbelief that I could step out of my room and boot camp was waiting. With two workouts a day using the large lawn area outside our rooms, the 82 steps down to the beach and both the soft and firm sand of the beach I endured and enjoyed the best workouts of my life. This alone was great, but the add-ons never seemed to end. Our trainers, Victoria and Josh, created two nights of nutritious and delicious dinners that were hearty and healthy at the same time. I was relieved to know that we actually could eat and not feel guilty about it. Larry, the owner of Max Muscle, talked to us about nutrition and gave us an assortment of power drinks and made us his "favorite" breakfast. There was a trip to the grocery store where we could learn about different food choices and were encouraged to ask questions about foods that we normally eat. Finally, we all received well deserved massages from therapist Danni Weeks.

It was beautiful and challenging but there was more. The group of people was the best. Everyone was supportive, pushed themselves and we had fun together. I have to say we weren't angels and there were some beverages in the evening, but nothing crazy.

Is there a place here to mention DANI? Absolutely! The owner of the Agate Beach Motel in Newport, Oregon is a fellow boot camper and in the last year since we have met, she has been transitioning her amenities to DANI products. With two workouts a day, showering or bathing was really important. It gave us time to relax, cleanup and pamper after our hard work. Everyone received samples of DANI Lemongrass Lavender Sugar Scrub, Bath Soak and a soy wax candle for the room. It was a true perk. Working hard has its rewards and DANI was a big one. I really found that taking care of my body may start with what I put in it, but the outside is important as well. Taking care of needed cleansing with our shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel was the first step, but the sugar scrub, bath soak and lotion was crucial to us all feeling exfoliated, moisturized and pampered.

Looking back over the past year, did I lose those pounds? Sort of would be my answer and who knows where I will be another year from now. I am excited and dedicated in a new way to how I eat and working out. I have lost pounds of fat and exchanged them with muscle. I haven't done a measurement lately and would love to compare from last year to now. My concern has shifted from the scale to how I feel and reducing the fat. The best part to me was in joining this group has not only been about people I work out with, but a support group for health/fitness and trainers who really care. I am now forty and feel that the change and progress is in a better direction than I ever imagined.

Danielle Easly Nye

Founder, DANI Natural Products