Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be Careful of This One, Mr. Bond

Poor Bond. He was betrayed by the beautiful Vesper. How can he prevent himself from making this next mission personal? I can't wait to see how Director Mark Forster will bring the Quantum of Solace story to life.

I took Quizilla's very fun Which Bond Girl Are You? quiz and it turns out I'm Pam Bouvier, the kind of go-anywhere, do-anything gal the CIA looks for when running guns or toppling governments. That's cool, as I did secretly have dreams of getting into the CIA when I was a naive student. So what kind of Bond girl are you? Take the quiz and find out!

I'm going to catch the film first thing tomorrow morning. I wish I had the energy to attend the midnight viewing, but I gorged on red velvet cupcakes today at JulieJulie's fabulous birthday lunch and I'm experiencing a pretty severe sugar crash. I did tell some friends to come to the movie dressed up as Bond girls. You know - in bikinis, with daggers hanging from their hips. I have a feeling they're not going to do it, but I've got my camera just in case. Oh, the things I do for England.

P.S. Is it me or does it seem that Derek Zoolander and James Bond could be brothers?


PKing Man said...

I've been really excited by the concept in the Daniel Craig rendition of 007 of discoverying what makes Bond "Bond". Casino Royale started the timeline before the canonical "shaken, not stirred" moments to start with the raw man and transform him into the super-agent we all know and love. The first episode in this story arc, Casino Royale, delivered in spades.

Quantum of Solace continues the character evolution, but it does not hold up to Casino Royale. The twin threads of redemption and forgiveness were thin and secondary to the hyper-edited action sequences. And even that action did not hold up to the breathtaking free-running opening to Casino Royale. Too much fire and flame for my taste. A ham-handed allusion to passing through purgatory.

The one redeeming aspect of Quantum of Solace is the development of the relationship between Bond and M. On the surface, Bond is an out-of-control murderer, running off the range. Yet M knows his inner integrity and nobility and comes to place her ultimate trust and faith in that. Bond's gift of "friend" is rare, especially after the betrayal of Vesper, yet M earns it.

While Casino Royale was a solid A; I'd give Quantum of Solace a B-.

Karyn said...

Love Zoolander, hilarious comparison!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I must say I'm not a big Bond fan, but that could change if Colin Farrell stepped in.

However, I am a Celtic music/neo folk fan and I saw that you reviewed the Duhks. I saw them perform at a local Irish pub--good stuff. I love all kinds of music--am a bit of a WilcoHead--any other suggestions would be appreciated.