Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Vacation - Oooops!

Women are quite good at multitasking, right? It seems like second nature to be able to do three things at once, doesn't it? Well let me warn you - don't try multitasking when you're making online vacation reservations. Unless you want to end up in Moline, Illinois because you rushed through the reservation process.

Here's what happened. I was cooking dinner, writing checks, and thinking about what we could do for a semi-staycation that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Since we live in Oregon, a travel-savvy friend recommended that we take the kids to Seattle and book a downtown hotel using Priceline.

Brilliant! So I'm determined to squeeze in a vacation-booking to-do while at the same time trying to get dinner on the table and write two more checks to pay some bills. Dinner - done! Checks - done! Priceline reservation....hmmmm, let's bid $60 on a downtown nice hotel. Bid was denied. BUT I had 15 minutes to bid $71 if I wanted. Fine. I submitted a $71 rate for a nice four-star hotel in downtown Seattle. Sounded pretty good. My bid was accepted! Yay! This is easy!

So after dinner I checked my email to see if they emailed my confirmation number. It's all there: one room at the rate of $71 for a downtown hotel in Portland. Cool! Wait a minute....PORTLAND? As in, Portland that we just visited for Lego Robotics last month? Arrrrrrgh! I had inadvertently put in Portland instead of Seattle. And there's no going back when you use Priceline. You have to enter your credit card# before you bid, so you can't make any changes. Merde. I'm blaming it on the fact that I didn't have my morning V8/NYT crossword puzzle, so my brain wasn't quite tuned up. So, wish us Bon Voyage as we spend four days in exotic Portland!


Lorie said...

Ugh! But I think you can contact them and cancel. There is a charge, but it is better than being out the whole $71!

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Now you'll have to go on Craig's List or eBay to try to sell them--but I wouldn't recommend multi-tasking while you do it.